ALAB laboratories

ALAB laboratoria is one of the largest nationwide networks of diagnostic laboratories. It provides services to public and non-public healthcare institutions, hospitals, private medical practices, individual clients and units conducting clinical trials.

The studio’s task was to prepare the logo and visual identity of the newly created laboratory.

When designing the logo I was inspired by the molecular structure and shape of the letter A. I suggested a blue color, because it is commonly associated with purity, in medical services – high quality, in general it is associated with medicine (similar to green, but green was used by the competitors), it raises trust and calms us down. I have created a whole visual identity consisting of many projects. It began in 2005 and the logo and identification were very successfully received, by ALAB clients and patients, from the beginning of their creation until today. It is also important that graphic solutions, despite the passage of years, have not aged. They are compatible with current trends.